2013 – My year of adventure

First of all a slightly belated happy new year to you all, I hope you had a nice time over the Christmas period; I certainly did, now on with the post. Those of you who know me probably know that I enjoy travelling and ever since I have been out of my long term relationship I have travelled a lot on my own to some awesome places; this includes several trips to Europe and of course New York in 2010. Travelling alone for me has been great. I have explored things in the world and in myself which has been utterly necessary. I still don’t really know what it is I am going to do in life but I do know one thing for sure and that is I cannot just sit and let it come to me, I have to get out there. Over the past seven or so years I can honestly say that I have pushed some of my boundaries way past the point of comfort and I want to keep doing that so I did something I never thought I would do and bought a ticket that will allow me to traverse the globe. Let me just re-iterate this, this is something I never thought would happen to me. It is for me one of those un-achievable goals but here I am with virtual tickets in my hands and one month to wrap things up in the UK before I leave. The plan so far is rough and you can expect it to fill out as time goes on but I don’t want to plan too much in advance. I think I need to be fluid with this and need to see how things go but let me introduce you to the plan so far.

  • Feb 2nd 11:15am – I jump on a plane from Heathrow to San Francisco, landing 14:10 (PST? GMT -8 hours) and I spend 8 days in the Pacific Tradewinds hostel
  • Feb 10th – Take a flight to New Orleans, arriving around 5pm and spend the next 6 days in the India House Backpackers Hostel celebrating a very small event in the US known as Mardi Gras
  • 15th Feb – 11th March I have no plans as yet
  • 12th March Get to Los Angeles and Jump on a plane on the 14th to Sydney, Australia I arrive in Sydney 07:20 on 16th March (loosing a whole day on the plane)
  • 17th March – 4th May – Explore Australia
  • 5th May – Leave Australia via Sydney to Bangkok
  • 22nd June – Fly back to the UK from Tokyo

As part of my ticket I can make changes to my flights three times. A change can mean one plane or all planes so I can see me potentially extending my time in Australia to use my full 3 month visa and delaying the trip home while I take in more of Thailand and Japan. Every time I go over this either in my head or telling friends or family it feels unreal, like I am dreaming and any moment now I am going to wake up and have to go to work or something. This is mostly down to my low self esteem, I really don’t believe I have the means and the courage to do this but I know I must and the stubbornness inside me won’t let me walk away from it now.

So why now? Why not before? I have had the money to do this for a little while now but what has changed? Well so much has changed really, none of it physically noticeable but things have definitely changed. Over the past three years and two jobs I have pushed and been pushed past the point of no return. I’d like to explain all of this and maybe this will be a good place to do it but probably not in this post. I have already mentioned that I have been seeking help via counselling which has helped me put a few things into perspective. I will at some point mention my brief and rather random appearance on stage as a spoken word artist something that I wish to explore more of. I want to write about the past two jobs that I have had and why I think they have been a major factor in pushing me in this direction. I also want to write again about my London To Paris experience and re-iterate just what it did to me and for me. I have lived in various houses with various complete strangers and had probably an equal amount of success and failure all of which has influenced me. So there is lots to write about and it will all filter through this very blog. I will be writing about things that I do on the journey as well as bits that have influenced me to go on this journey in the first place. As soon as I have a more concrete plan I may blog it here just so people that care for me know at least where I intend to be.

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