A drunk tale

I thought I would take a trip back through my life a little bit and indulge you in a “drunk” story. With my recent decision to not drink while I am travelling I have begun to notice how people change as they drink. I did promise a while ago that I would tell you a story from my drunk past. This happened several years ago while I was living in West London, the first house I moved into after the breakup of my long term relationship. I was in a bit of a weird headspace to say the least and quite self destructive at times and this is a tale of one of those times where at one point I have a complete blackout.

It was a late summer in London and I can’t quite remember why I had been out drinking but it was a late night and I think I had been hitting the sauce pretty heavily. Getting back to the flat I get in as quiet as possible, any of you who have been drunk know that when your trying to be quiet your generally not quiet so I have no idea how loud I was. I remember being drunk and it being about 4 am, I remember getting into my room and lying down on my bed and the room beginning to spin like a merry-go-round. I’m not sure about you but I hate this, it makes me feel super sick and there is normally only one way to resolve this problem which is go to the toilet and be ill, I was still fully clothed which was useful so I listened to my body and what was left of my brain I go up to the bathroom to perform the horrible task.

In the bathroom I locked the door behind me and then I had some sort of brain flux. I didn’t want to get my trousers dirty so I took all my clothes off (yes all of them), it was either not cold in the bathroom or I had my beer coat on which is highly possible. Next I positioned myself against the toilet and made myself ill to try and stop the room spinning and feeling so ill. I don’t really remember what happened next, my brain obviously had a complete blackout because the next thing I remember in waking up to a knocking sound which and somebody calling my name. I think I remember answering in a half drunk, sleepy haze that I was in bed, my brain though I was in my room happily tucked up in bed waiting for the inevitable hangover to occur. Somehow I had got comfortable on the hard tile floor and fallen asleep in the bathroom, still naked, still quite drunk and not entirely aware of what was going on. Realising just how wrong I was about being in bed I tried to pull my thoughts together answering the call to my own name and telling George (the person on the other side of the door) that I will be just a minute as I worked my way back into my clothes and then unlocked the door apologising for keeping him waiting. I don’t think I said much else to George apart from perhaps I was drunk and going to bed, this was roughly 6am and I had been either in the bathroom or asleep for about 1-2 hours.

The fact that I was conscious enough to get undressed to not be ill all over my clothes, how I managed to put my clothes back on before I unlocked the door, the fact that I had the mind to lock the door in the first place which was something that was generally not done in that house are all things that amaze me. Of course once I was sober I apologised profusely to George and funnily enough in the next few days there was a cartoon in the paper that depicted almost exactly the situation I found myself in. I can look back and giggle at it now but this is definite signs of my own self-destruction which I know I am capable of. As far as I know this was the first time I had fallen asleep in the bathroom, but I do remember that I totally thought I was in bed. Isn’t it funny what alcohol does to you, next time you do something a bit weird due to the drunk brain being in charge please write it down and then read back on it another time, I am sure you will have a bit of a laugh. This story in particular gave me a bit of a wake up call, I am sure you have heard the phrase “I will never drink again” and I can assure you I have uttered that same phrase a fair few times in my life knowing full well that I will drink sooner or later. Going without for the next few months is going to be a serious test of will power and no doubt an eye opening experience.