A first for me

So my last few days have been really relaxed, I have tried to write a bit more of the book but again not been able to focus on the things I think I should be focussing on, typical. Oh well these things happen, so I did two things, having not written much about where I am at the moment I decided to do something a bit more 2013 and make a video for all those people who can’t be bothered to read what I write, without further ado here it is….

Now I may do more of these because I quite enjoyed making it but we will see. I have set myself a bit of a challenge before I head back to Bangkok, the challenge being I have to get to a place that I have no idea how to get to and find this place that I have booked to stay for two nights. The lady who runs the place that I am in at the moment tells me that it’s easy and I just jump on a local bus and head to Khao Sok. This might mean that I have to rely upon the driver telling me where Khao Sok is and from there try to find the place.

After that I make my way back to Surat Thani by bus and then the long train back to Bangkok and then new adventure soon awaits. Of course I will keep you updated as much as possible, stay tuned.

Take care and I will too

– Chris

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