Big Adventure Update

Well I have an exciting few days ahead of me. Today is Friday and I have been walking through now snowy Denver relaxing and being peaceful after having way too much to drink on Wednesday night. I have been mulling over what to do next and I still don’t feel I have had my fair share of mountain air so I have booked my next few things.

Saturday evening I will be attending something called Artopia which looks a bit weird and whacky so it should be quite an experience. A mixture of art, comedy, music and dancing all in one night, not bad for $30. On Sunday (if I booked the right thing) I will go see the Colorado Rockies play. You see the thing is on the website it says they are playing at home so I went through Ticketmaster to book a ticket via the MLB website. On the ticket it says the game is in Arizona! I have sent customer services an e-mail asking them to confirm, of course if it is in Arizona I will be asking for a refund.

Monday will come around fast and I leave Denver early to catch a Greyhound bus down to Colorado Springs where I will stay for 3 nights closer to the mountains so I can get my outdoor fix. I head back to Denver on the 28th at some crazy hour (6am) in order to then jump on a Amtrak train for a grand total of 34 hours heading to Sacremento first and then finally to Merced the town closest to Yosemite National Park. There are at least two hostels up there and so I have booked about six nights in one of them.

From there I get on another bus which I am yet to book all the way to Los Angeles Which should get me there by the 8th March which gives me 6 days or so to see LA before I head off to kangaroo land.

Yep all of that booked in a matter of minutes except for a few small technical glitches, for some reason Greyhound and TicketFly (who provide the tickets for Artopia) both had problems with my card. I think because I have it registered in the UK and they are providing an invalid state to whatever system they are using. However I got around this with Greyhound who offer you to pick up the tickets at a nearby 7 Eleven which is pretty useful. The other ticket I asked the  nice american people I am staying with here to buy it for me and I paid them in cash. Sometimes you have to work around the system!

Just a small note to anyone selling tickets. It’s not always possible to print stuff, especially if you are a traveller. Okay I was lucky because the people I am staying with were cool about me using their printer, however consider accepting just a confirmation number and expect people to pick tickets up at the venue.

Ah after a bit more research I see what I did wrong with the MLB tickets now, man that’s confusing. the Rockies site has an entry for Coors Field so I assumed that would be the “home” of the rockies, however this is not the case so completely missed the fact at the top of the purchase page it says it’s in Arizona. Why on earth would a team from Colorado use Arizona as a home game? Nope still confused, will see what Ticketmaster says and tweet the Rockies

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