Ao Nang – Thailand

Ao Nang in my opinion is much nicer than Ko Tao, its less westernised (unless you go to the main street) but it is less full of lobster collored tourists and to me feels a little bit more Thai but still Thai for tourists. Despite my best efforts to stay away from the touristy things I booked myself on a tour of four or so islands. I didn’t to visit all four but it seemed silly not to go at the price it was being offered at, it’s only money right? I have had to be super careful of the sun in the South, in fact the last few days have been really sunny. A few days ago I got in a kayak and cruised around the river and through the mangroves visiting some natural made limestone caves. It was a super hot day and I am so glad I bought a factor fifty long sleeve top and factor fifty hat in Australia, these things don’t seam to exist in Thailand. I am going through sun block like no tomorrow but again glad I have a stock.

Beautiful cave

I’ve had a bit of adventure here already with the kayak but today I got my first Thai massage, a bargain at 250 THB which works out to about £9 for an hour. The small Thai lady applied pressure like any good massage person in the UK as far as I can tell, it’s something I need to do again I think. Along with this adventure I accidentally walked down a street full of lady boys and working girls tonight, this was an experience I will never forget, scary and yet curiously amusing as they try to draw me in somehow. If you know me well enough then you will know that no matter how long it’s been without sexual contact for me I probably would never use a pro. I say probably only because you never know what he future may bring, but it’s highly unlikely.

The other adventure I have been considering is a haircut. Long hair and the Thai weather really not a good mix but I like my long hair. I fear hairdressers, have done for ages, I won’t let anyone cut my hair (Sampson syndrome) a few friends and even girlfriends have offered and as much as I trust them I say no way. My worst fear is that they will give me a trendy haircut, you know something my Mum (hi Mum) might approve of because I know she hates it how it is. How the hell in Thailand or anywhere in Asia do I explain to them I want them to cut it but not mess it up, maybe it’s possible but I’m still scared.

The four island trip went okay but as I expected it’s really not for a person like me. It was all, go here you have 40 minutes, swim in this you have 30 minutes, go here, take photo’s of that, no real time to appreciate the places we went. I hate tours like that I begin to feel like a sheep being herded which is a good analogy because there were many other tourist sheep doing the same thing. Don’t get me wrong the scenery and places to swim are beautiful but would be better if there were not hundreds of other boats around dropping off yet another load of tourists and some guy always checking his watch. What really clinched the deal on this tour being horrid was the food, they laid on a buffet lunch for everyone. One of the things I hate in life is buffet lunch/dinner/anything, again the feeling of sheep being fed always comes to mind and very rarely (if ever) is the food any good. This particular buffet quite frankly was an insult to Thai food and the chef should never be allowed to cook again in my opinion. Nevermind, what’s done is done.

Bamboo Island

There is still adventure to be had, my plan has changed twice as to what to do next but I have finally something concrete in place. I leave Ao Nang tomorrow and jump in some van to head to Khao Lak just North of Phuket with what I read to be a calmer scene than Phuket which I hear nothing good about at all. Very soon I need to make the journey back to Bangkok, this is going to involve a really long train journey and a whole day travelling but that’s okay, I have time and I’m actually looking forward to it.

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