Appreciating art through a lens

I saw something very strange today, I went to the deYoung museum today in San Francisco and was thoroughly engrossed in the artwork there, some of which I liked and some I didn’t, thats art for you. Still during my time in the art gallery I came across something that made me quite sad. One lady in particular was going round a certain part of the gallery using her mobile phone to photograph the bit of art and then taking a photo of the card that was next to the bit of art explaining who it was and sometimes what it was about.

Now I am not sure what this does to you but it makes me really sad. It’s like she does not even care hat the bit of art is and she just wants to document it. She spent literally no time looking at the bit of art, just went around taking these photos. Now I am sure she has a great reason to do this, I have no idea what that reason is and I am intrigued by what drove her to do this. She was not the only person doing this but she was the most noticeable.

I would like to say that this is just a culture or an age thing, I have noticed that people at concerts these days use their mobile phones to capture images and video I guess these get posted on things like Facebook and You Tube etc. I personally have not taken a photo at a concert for several years normally because I am so engrossed in the gig. I don’t like putting people down or saying what somebody chooses to do is wrong (unless it’s morally wrong) but I wonder how much of the gallery the lady in question will remember. I wonder if she felt anything from the art or took time to feel anything, I wonder if all she will remember is taking all of those photos and I even wonder how many of them she will just delete.

Feel free to call me odd but I decided to document her, it’s part of a larger thing I am working on taking photos of people taking photos of things, I guess that is some sort of meta photography, I will release the series one day upon the unsuspecting world and then go on to win several prizes for my collection. Well… maybe.

Appreciating Art through a lens

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