Bah, humbug

Yeah I don’t really do Christmas. I see the hassle that people put themselves through figuring out presents and I want them just to relax. For me I would rather spend that time in the company of some people I enjoy the company of. This could mean friends or family but more likely for me its friends, I don’t hate my family, far from it but I know I can only spend a limited time in their company, I don’t see what is wrong with that.

Can you imagine if Christmas was just another day in the Calendar? Sure spend it off in the arms of your loved ones but imagine it was not shrouded in the mass marketing, the need to over buy, over consume and generally do you harm. Transport yourself to an imaginary world where Coca cola does not exist and you don’t see one advert on tv about a man in a red suit providing the world with joy and diabetes at the same time. Imagine never hearing the same songs over the period and it not bring a big deal to get to number 1 on the charts.

I’m all for charity and good will but how many people would give up their Christmas to spend it at a soup kitchen or offer the neighbour you don’t know round for a drink and why wait until a certain day of the year to do it. Why can’t we be awesome to each other every day of the year, why wait until Christmas.

So yeah I don’t do Christmas at least I don’t really change for it. I stay the same person I am all year round, nice, an introvert, cynical, full of self doubt and thoughtful.

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