Be yourself, you’re beautiful

I find it very odd some of us try to alter our bodies to be like others. In the UK people tend to put fake tan on using a trowel trying to make our bodies look that fake sort of orange colour because those people believe that they look healthier or something to that effect. Meanwhile in Asia at least in Thailand they sell shower gel with whitener in it. I can only assume (as the ingredients were in Thai) is some sort of chemical to make their skin whiter.

It’s no surprise that they might want to do this, the media is full of beautifully (no doubt photoshopped) girls with pale skin which no doubt the normal people aim for. While I was in Cambodia we went on the Bamboo Train to a small village, there me and two other travellers had a chat with a family of five. We chatted to the teenage girls about about school and where they learned english, they asked us about our colour. I was with two girls from New Zealand, both of them without tans similar to me. It turned out that the Cambodian girls wanted to be the same colour as us. Every time I have ever felt uncomfortable with myself I try to think that at least I am happy being the colour I am. I am sure that if we did not listen to the media and just be happy to be ourselves a lot of companies would loose some serious money. As humans we can be so vain and I think that works against us. The fact is you will only be attractive to certain people, beauty is as they say in the eye of the beholder which basically means that beauty is subjective, the notion that someone can be universally beautiful is in my opinion irrational.

Being beautiful on the inside is a lot more important for me, I may no longer be a long haired weirdo, now I am a short haired weirdo who is always trying his best to dispel the rumour that looks matter. All in all you should be yourself, you can be more beautiful on the inside than the outside, I am proof of this. Let people make their judgement, then smash it with a big hammer 🙂

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