Cheer up Alex

More news on me leaving the farm coming soon, I had to write this while it was in my head so stay tuned.

Being in the service industry in Japan you probably need to know a one main thing first and that is the customer is your king and you live just to serve them no matter who they are, what they look like and where they come from. I have so far experienced outstanding customer support from the Japanese people with their most happy and wonderful greeting when you walk in the door of “Irashaimase” with roughly translates to “Welcome, please shop here”. If you are in other countries the best you might get is a grunt (although the US do a reasonable job of making you feel like you are valued) you may not even be noticed in some places, it can be rather ridiculous when you think that you may actually buy something from these people.

I personally like this welcome when I walk in and I have begun to expect it so when I walked into my hostel (Hostel Ann) in Nagoya and was not greeted with a happy smile by the French guy behind the counter I knew something was wrong. On their website they are searching for someone to join their “energetic team”, well currently Alex is really not living up to this. I cannot tell you how much I hate grumpy reception people, be it in hostels or otherwise. Alex did not make me feel welcome, he didn’t even introduce himself which is really bad then I spoke first and greeted him first with a Japanese “Konnichiwa” and it should of been him doing the greeting, is that any way to greet a customer who is paying you money? No! Alex showed me around the hostel using dull drab and dreary tones, there is no life in this man, no energy, nothing and all the time I am thinking “What is this guy’s problem? Does he know he is in Japan? Does he hate his life? If he hates his life here in Japan then why is he still here?” I know this is not my problem but something in me wants him to cheer up, I feel like I should tell him that life is good and if he does not feel this way then he should do something else.

However Alex may not be able to be as enthusiastic as I want him to be because English is not his first language. I have travelled and met with many different people from many different countries and have never noticed before that someone does not know how to express enthusiasm in their non native language. Maybe it’s a French thing? I don’t know enough French people to say if it is or not. Maybe in his native language Alex is a vibrant young man full of energy, if he is he is currently hiding it very well indeed. So Alex if you are reading this when you wake up in the morning ask yourself something ‘Am I enthusiastic about what I do?” If the answer is no to these then maybe your are in the wrong place and you should go looking in your heart for what you really want to do. If the answer is yes then please show a little something, put your heart out there and you never know what might happen because you did so.

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