Chiang Mai – Thailand

Forgot to mention that I am spoiling you and giving you three posts at once. I could of combined all three into one but I think they work better as three so I’ll let you deal with that.. sorry!. I leave Chiang Mai tomorrow morning and head a bit more into the hills to challenge the mosquitoes to see if they can find new and interesting places to bite me, I am sure they will rise to the challenge. I have managed to meet with my friend Hally and his wife Lin who I have never met and its been fantastic to see and sit and chat with him again. It has been at least four years since I have seen Hally, the last time being his brief return to the U.K.

Thre is probably not much I can tell you abiut Chiang Mai that is not already in the guidebooks. It is a great place to see the difference between the people in the north vs the south. If your feeling adventurous from here you probably should hire a motorbike and take it up a few of the mountains that surround the area. However I can’t help but feel that like the rest of Thailand, Chiang Mai is catering more and more for the tourists which for me looses a bit of the charm. The hostel I have been in (Thailandwow) has been perfectly functional, beds are a bit wobbly and some of the clientele are irritating but the people who run the place are nice and happy to help. What pleases me about this hostel is it’s curfew. They lock the gate around midnight (which you can open with the code) but they also try to ensure that after 10pm (later on Fri/Sat) things get a bit quieter which with a hotel full of people in their mid twenties hell bent on drinking as much as possible and producing as much noise as physically possible is a great thing for peaceful types like myself. I stay away from this croud, in favour of my own peaceful existence.

Maybe this is me being an old man but when these young adults get together and the social lubricant flows the level of volume really increases so much so that I find it physically overpowering to listen to them. I have taken to using my headphones to drown out the incredible din they make. Still they are young and because I have never been that loud it always disturbs me when other people I am around are loud.

Still I have had a nice time here, the city is pretty and I may get to spend one more night or day here before I head south again.

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