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Dear mobile game developers,

I understand that I may not of paid for your game and you then are very welcome to put adverts in (preferably not during gameplay though) but what I never understand is the connect for more content or connect to win mentality. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a Facebook account and even if I did have an accoumt the last thing I would want to do would be spam my wonderful friends. Look if I want to play with my friends in a game then I will, I love co-op gaming and working together for the greater good is enjoyable. What little I played of co-op Portal 2 was genius and Left 4 Dead is all about doing that and again I have enjoyed that a lot but why should I have to connect a social network and bug my friends to continue to play your game? Let me give you an example of what I mean.

I have been playing Candy Crush Saga on Android for a while now and two things have severely puzzled me on it. The game (if you don’t know it) is a matching game where you connect three or more of the same sweet in order score points to reach a goal and finish the level. The game gives you five lives to finish a level and if you fail to do so it tells you to get more lives you should either 30 or so minutes, ask your friends on Facebook for them or buy them from the shop in some micro-transaction. Why on earth would you stop somebody playing your game? Okay by asking my friends to help I am affectively promoting your game for free, I get that; maybe I’m just an old fogey that does not like to be bothered digitally by my friends or likes to bother his friends with such trivial matters. Besides if I liked your game that much I would already be telling my friends to buy it, like I did with Prison Architect.

What is more puzzling is that the game has let me complete 35 levels without paying a penny and then told me that I can unlock the next levels again using a micro-transaction, hassling my friends on Facebook or taking on 3 challenges which unlocks it for free, the catch being that you can only do one challenge per day. So your punishing me for playing through 35 levels and not paying for your game? It’s your own stupid fault for not asking me to pay a lot earlier. The challenges are not all that hard as yet and I’m curious as to how much more content it’s going to open but because you have given me a free option and I am going to take it to satisfy my curiosity. What you should of done is issue a demo of your game then make people pay for the full version. If you had done this I may of already given you some money and yes you probably have made or make a lot of money from the people who cannot resist your micro transactions. Forcing me to pay to play or fill my social networks full of endless posts about your game is not the way to attract me as your customer and if you do so I’m actually very likely to not play your game at all and write something shitty about it. But let’s admit it, I am not your target market.

If I ever make a game on any system you can be sure it will either be totally free and supported by adverts with an option to pay to get rid of them or a free to play demo with pay for full version option.

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