Farewell London, Hello World

So this is it, my final days in this city and in this country for a while. To all those people reading you should know I don’t say many bad things about London, I love the weather (yes I like rain) and mostly enjoy living/working here but it’s time to explore, I thought before I head out I would mention the things I will miss.

  • My family – Okay I don’t see them very often but that does not mean I don’t love them because I do
  • My friends – Close and distant, most of whom have supported me at some point in time
  • London itself – and it’s wonderful streets which provide hours of entertainment
  • The weather – I really enjoy watching tourists deal with the weather in England and find it funny that people pull faces in the rain

If I have been able to see you over the past month you may have some idea just how anxious I am about this whole thing and how much you are all appreciated. You may also have an idea as to how much this is necessary for me to grow. I may of left my parents home when I was 19 or 20 but since then I have been in the safe arms of England with brief visits to other places. I have never really thought of England as home, just more like the place I was born and spent a lot of time in. I expect things to change and I expect you all to be in my thoughts at some point.
To all the people who will miss me, thank you for thinking of me I shall try to keep you up to date but things may happen and I may have no control as to how much things get updated. This is not goodbye, this is farewell.

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