Farewell USA – Hello Australia

Well my days in America have come to an end. Over the last few days things have calmed down because I as I have already written am not really feeling LA. I have changed hostel down closer to LAX and towards Venice Beach, so far my view of this place has not been changed.

Venice Beach reminds me a lot of seaside towns in the UK, the beach is bigger and there are a truck load more people, it doesn’t rain as much but apart from that it’s the same. The shops are equally cheesy selling the US equivillent of the Kiss Me Quick hat with lots of random looking food which I have no idea if it’s any good or not. Meanwhile people up and down the Venice beach are constantly trying to take money out of your pocket in exchange for art/humor/entertainment etc, a cross between Covent Garden and Blackpool and I find it rather depressing.

Kiss me quick hat
Kiss me quick hat – Courtesy of ukstudentlife.com

Still my next bits of the trip are sorted. I am faced with a 15 hour plane journey all the way to Sydney, leaving the US at 22:00 (UST -8) on 14th and arriving in Sydney on the 16th 07:00 (UST +10). From there I have a 7 hour wait until I can jump on my next plane over to Tasmania. I decided that instead of heading into Sydney for a few days to acclimatise I would do that  in Tasmania, best to get all the travelling done in one hit I thought. So I warn you, expect nothing out of me during these days, I may be hugely jetlagged after but I will update as soon as possible. I am staying in a place called The Pickled Frog and part of me is wondering if it’s a wise choice due to the name. We shall see on that one.

I would love to spend more time in the US, I never got to go to Portland, Seattle or Albuquerque or the number of  other places I had in mind. Still America will always be here and when I come back I will try and spend more time just being here, definitely could spend longer in San Francisco, but it is time to leave I have a long way to go and time moves on.

Thanks America for the beer, dancing, BBQ, fun, amusing parts and life affirming situations. Thanks also to ALL the people I have met so far, I shall stay in touch with any of you I have e-mail details for, keep safe on your travels and maybe our paths will cross again, I certainly hope so.