Farming life

Last December (2012) my life began changing rather dramatically, having left my job I took the whole of January off to get my life in order and get things together so that I could indulge myself in the journey that I am on now, a journey that has been in my head for at least the last 6 years. Being on this journey really has been from time to time like scratching an itch that you really have not idea how to begin scratching and I believe most of that also meant letting go of what life I had. Don’t get me wrong I liked having money and only grew to hate my job because of the circumstances, and I have already mentioned that I miss some of the people that I used to see but that is not enough to stop me.

You find me up at 4am after sleeping like a baby in a small room in Japan on a farm somewhere between Osaka and Kyoto. Expect news of my travel and this blog in particular to be pretty slow over the next month at least because my daily routine will be to get up and help out here, which for you as a reader may not be particularly thrilling but for me it’s new and very very different from how life used to be. Although I know I am going to get time to think while I am working on the farm and I know I am going to update you regardless with my tales but they may take a different tone perhaps. I have a lot of new names to remember which for me is difficult, even more so as most of them are Japanese names but the people here so far after one afternoon on the farm are nice and Japan feels so much more civilised then Thailand, calmer or maybe it’s because I have reached my final destination that I am feeling that air of calm, or it could be that I am in a country I have always wanted to visit. There is a question hanging over my head that is asking is this really it? No more new countries to dive into? Well I cannot answer that question at this moment in time, I have places I want to visit and would love to hit Korea while I am this side of the world but not sure if I can afford a flight there, time there and eventually back to Japan.

I will put up some photo’s of the surrounding countryside and I think to help me remember names a photo of the people here when I can. This may sound stupid but you really get the feel that you are in Japan. It’s all so clean, the houses have that quaint Japanese feel to it and sliding doors, not made of paper but we are definitely in Japan. I am going to try and embrace this, use the time that I have here to learn more before planning my next move.

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