The problem with writing this blog is that it can sometimes feel a bit like one way communication. I mean I know people do read this, I don’t know exactly who though and its currently a rare occurance that I get an e-mail or comment from my readers to cast their opinion. The statistics that you get tell you what people are reading, when they are reading it and even where they are reading it but I still have no idea about what they think unless they send you an e-mail or fill in the comments section.

The main thing I’m trying to do is not loose faith and stay focussed on why I started writing this blog. I was tired of hiding what I was feeling and wanted a space to tell the tale of this journey I am on. By writing more openly it’s made me a more open person, less afraid to tell people what is on my mind, I’ll give you an example. A dutch guy came into the hostel I was staying in, he had just arrived at the hostel. We spoke about our various journeys, exchanged a few stories, the usual conversation I have had with these strangers over the past 6 or so months. I told him to watch out for the beds as they are very wobbly and you can feel every movement, he tested it out by shaking the bed. He then goes on to tell me that he plans to have sex in this bed if people didn’t mind. Now this is something I find endearing about the Dutch and that is in general they are not afraid to approach such conversations head on. I told him quite frankly that if that was to happen expect me to be very vocal about it.

This is a change for me, I normally would of not even told them I was against it but if its one thing that travellig solo has taught me is that I can speak my mind. I don’t have to make friends with these strangers and I should be able to tell my friends what I feel without worrying. I’m not entirely sure if I can apply this when my real life starts again but I really am going to try. So dear readers I encourage you to also be vocal about what your reading. I appreciate tyour feedback and if you think what I have written will benefit someone else spread the word.

2 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I think your blog is a riot. You have an interesting take on things, not to mention some pretty great stories. Kudos to your revelation. As you say, you meet a lot of strangers. Many of them you’ll never see again, so why not say what you think? If someone takes offense, at least you know that you were being true to yourself. Best case scenario is that you make friends. What’s not to lose? Safe travels.

  2. Writing is certainly a superb tool for finding out that which lies hidden.

    Keep writing, this sock-puppet says!

    I’d imagine that weblogs require some fine judgement when establishing a balance between what’s to be given up for publication and what’s to be given sanctuary in more private spaces.

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