From Biker To Biker

Hello all,

I’ve been very quiet over the past month or so, in all fairness nothing really much has happened, life has been bubbling along nicely. I’ve taken a few trips back into London and visited my Mum, have also had a bit of a boogie with my friend Ravi to celebrate him turning 39 which was huge amounts of fun. As of this week I’m off on a bit of a break from work for the next two weeks for some needed R&R and no doubt will write all about it and tell you upon my return. The title of this post is a big hint as to what it’s all about. Most of you will know I am not afraid of and quite enjoy a long bicycle ride. Since I have been back into the UK I have not had the chance to do this, I got hold of a bike to help me transfer to and from work but there was always something else in the back of my mind. You may remember in Vietnam I ventured out onto motorised two wheels driven around by one of the locals.

Huda and Thanh

In the north of Thailand in Pai I ventured out on my own on a ‘Twist & Go’ bike for the very first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Something inside me said if I get the chance that I would do something about this. Over the past month I have gathered some cash together, and made a very significant purchase.

I’d like you all to meet Jessica (yes my Motorbike has a name).


I admit that this is not the best picture of her and I will take a better picture sooner or later but she is a 2003 Yamaha Drag Star Virago 125. She’s not exactly the quickest thing on two wheels, far from it but she goes fast enough to take me places. She is currently the chariot that I ride to work every morning and although when it’s windy and rainy things are quite scary for someone who is very new to the idea of travelling at speed she is incredibly efficient, elegant and on top of it all quite lovely to look at. On long rides (anything over 35 miles or so (56km)) gets a little uncomfortable but its still really fun to use and I am being super careful as i know what danger motorbike bring with them. Of course to try and prevent damage to myself I have purchased a helmet, waterproof padded jacket, trousers and gloves that I use daily.

So yes I have gone from pushing pedals round to letting an engine do the work and I know what that means. That means I get a lot less exercise which for me is generally a bad thing and I am looking to counter act that by doing more swimming and walking. I would like to (and have the vision of) start to play squash again so I’m going to probably investigate how to do that considering I currently have nobody to play with and I don’t really do competition.

I have said this before and I will say it again, life is good right now, the people I have around me may not all be close by but I feel you all and I love to hear from you and of course wish you to have your own great adventure whatever that may be. I still have no real idea what is happening to me over the next few months. The contract has been extended until November which is awesome and if they extend it again I will probably just keep bubbling along. While things are good why rock the boat?

Love and rockets to you all
– Chris

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