Goodbye Australia.. it’s been an adventure

When I arrived in Australia I had a rough plan of where I wanted to go and I was totally ignorant as to how to do most of it but I think most important was that I was willing to learn. Of course I could not leave Australia without writing some kind of summary and to be honest three months is just not enough time, if I had the cash or the ability to earn some cash then I would be totally prepared to stay another three months and that probably would still not be enough time. If your planning a trip here then I have one thing you need to be reminded of and you may know it already but I want to really push this point home. Australia is big and I’m not just talking about the amount of letters in the word. You can get on a plane and fly for four hours (assuming your not flying in circles) and still be in the same country, I guess for Americans this is not a strange thing but for me its rather alien. Let me try and put it another way, we drove up the Stuart Highway, a few thousand kilometres and if you were to do that in the UK, even if you start in John O’Groats you probably would be in Italy or Poland perhaps depending on what turning you took. In the meantime you would of crossed a few borders, heard at least one other language and passed several thousand towns.

I’ve done so much but there is still so much to explore and this is the only disappointment I have. You could easily spend a year seriously touring here and still have things to see, and if you take my trip in particular and think of Australia as a pie I have taken a slice out of it, not a huge slice but a generous slice. If I came back it would be with the intention of being able to drive and get a camper van and cruise round a bit more taking other travellers with me on various parts of the journey. I would also look into WWOOF’ing here, and see if I can follow some harvests around the country but in order to do that I would probably have to cope with hotter weather and for me that would be a problem. You could probably spend 2-3 months just on the East coast because this last leg of the journey has felt like a bit of a whirlwind, I have wanted to spend another night or two in a place but I can’t which has made me a little sad at times but I am glad I have done what I did and it may not of sounded like much but just have a look at this list.

  • Tasmania
    • Hobart
    • Mount Wellington
    • Cascade Brewery
    • Wineglass Bay
    • Launceston
    • Cradle Mountain
  • Melbourne
    • St Kilda
    • Performing in CBD
    • Phillip Island
    • Great Ocean Road
  • Adelaide
    • ANZAC Day
    • Bush walking
    • Glenelg Beach
  • Stuart Highway Roadtrip
    • Port Augusta
    • Coober Pedy
    • SA/NT Border
    • Uluru
    • The Olgas
    • Kings Canyon
    • Alice Springs
    • West Macdonal Ranges
  • Cairns
    • Barrier Reef
    • Atherton Tablelands
  • East Coast
    • Magnetic Island
    • Airlie Beach (Okay I didn’t stay long)
    • Agnes Water/1770
    • Rainbow Beach
    • Brisbane
    • Byron Bay
    • Surfing
    • Kayaking
    • Port Macquerie
  • Sydney
    • Blue Mountains

That is a lot for three months and I feel really privileged to of been to all of these places and seen them even if I didn’t enjoy all of them. I have had moments of joy, moments where I have felt like a child with wonder, moments of stillness where my eyes, ears and brain just needed time to process and respect where I am, moments of clarity, moments of sadness. I have been had so many conversations with so many people and tried to share something with them all. I have wanted to help people and avoid people equally. Australia has made me wonder about my mortality, taught me things about my confidence, given me time to think, time to play and time to explore. There is of course more to come, I can’t believe this whole adventure is not over yet. In fact I am only about half way done. My plan for the next six months or so is vague but at least I have an idea. I’ll let you in on that plan another time. Thank you Australia, it’s been an adventure.

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