Hunted by Scorpions

Have you ever thought that a particular song seems to be following you around? I have and worst of all it’s not even a song I like, I would go so far to say that through this exposure I have actually grown to hate it. Maybe you have never noticed or maybe its just me but it seems no matter where I go I hear a certain song. I’m pretty sure you will know who The Scorpions are and if I asked you to name one song by them what would it be? I can almost guarantee that the song will be The Winds Of Change. I’m sure you have heard it.

This song really does seem to be following me around and I have begun to ask myself why that is. I’ve heard it everywhere and you may not really believe me but really everywhere. Almost everywhere I have been in Thailand at some point in time I have heard it. In Cambodia I heard it in at least one bar and one live band decided it was a good thing to play and probably could not understand why I did not appreciate it. I heard it hanging out in Vietnam in a few places. The final nail in the proverbial coffin has come just now in Kuala Lumpar airport waiting for my flight to Osaka. What do you think is the first song I hear and recognise? Yep you guessed it.

Is this song trying to tell me to change? Is it telling me that I should pay more attention to the changes that have happened? Or is it simply trying to torture me to a point where I invent a time machine and go back in time and erase the song from existence, while I’m at it I can also change decisions like America getting involved in the Vietnam war, the formation of One Direction, the idea of XFactor and the invention of Facebook perhaps.

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