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I admit it, I have not written here for a while, it seems as though this diary/blog has fallen foul of the same fate as my other one in the fact that it rarely get’s updated. I did try to warn you though that this might happen when I returned to the UK. I am pretty sure that I warned you that I would probably find something else to occupy my time. Well in a way yes I did but don’t worry, it’s all good. So the last time I wrote anything in here I think I had begun to settle down in Bristol, I am still there. Well, I’m not there right now, right now I am once again off on a little trip. Just a bit of R&R and to get some head space after a few pretty busy months. Since we last spoke I have been skiing for the first time with some interesting results and much more important than that I am now officially a proper biker. Yep, I passed my big bike test and I am only a month or so away from upgrading the 125 but more about that later.

Skiing, or in my case snowboarding came about because a friend of mine invited me to go with him to a resort in Bulgaria. I went to Bulgaria some years ago on a solo adventure and enjoyed the country. I remember during that trip I met a lady who I was talking to via Skype, I know how that sounds and even in my head it still feels odd that I did that. Nothing happened between us and from memory I booked an apartment for myself which turned out to be huge and I seriously cannot remember if she stayed over with me or not. Obviously, I was having a very confident moment and shows no matter what I am respectful to people. Yep, I have the ability to sleep in the same bed as a person I have an interest in or not of either gender and not make it sexual, just because I’m bi my life is not full of threesome and moresomes, sadly.

Having paid for a ski jacket, trousers and thermals I was determined to try snowboarding and see how I felt about it. I even arranged for lessons via the resort website. After sleeping one night at meeting Eoin’s (one of the guys who went with me) flat in London the next day we flew out from Luton to Sofia, arriving around 8pm then a 2.5 hour drive up to the resort, dinner and beer before sleep happened I had a date the next day with a hill, a board and some snow. Over the next few days a guy called T showed me how not to fall totally flat on my face every time I got up but by the end of the lesson I was physically drained but enjoyed it. I see it being a sport I could not take up seriously but if I have the opportunity to do it then I might. There were two major things I disliked about it the first was the amount of kit needed for just four days and I like to travel light where possible. The second is the expense, it’s by no means a cheap sport, the boot and board hire were €35 a day or something like that. Add on top of that the lift pass, a further €20 a day, then dinner and drinks in the evening it turned out to be an expensive four days. I know that is cheap for skiing and I know that I have a bit of disposable income at the moment but I have plans to put that towards a bigger adventure. It was a fun four days but not something I could make a habit of.

Another thing which has been a major distraction to my life is that I have started to write for a website that I don’t run. I currently write one piece a week for the site I write on anything related to Geek culture which ranges from board games to computer games to TV, movies, everything. Every now and then I attempt something a little different, something more thought provoking like battling with mental health or interviews with developers. Since starting this what with work as well I really have had no spare head space to update this or indeed my other private blog. My article goes up every Wednesday and I want to try and keep it going for at least a year as a test to myself. You can check out all the articles I have written for them if you have not seen them already, I’d love your feedback.

Ever since I got this gig in Didcot life has been a bit more crazy than normal. Trust me to get a gig that requires me to be away from Bristol for 4 days a week. Still, it’s not that bad, I’m staying with a friend I made while I lived in Oxford called Carol, we dated for a while and it was all good and we parted ways on good terms. Odd thing is that around the time that I began this gig she was going through a slightly messy break-up with her fiancé. Now I’m not going to go into details of that but I will say that Carol became a good friend and we have a bit of a mutual appreciation society relationship at the moment. I have been able to help her with the break up by being a voice of reason and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. The friendship Carol and I have I think has got stronger and I class both her and her son as part of my adopted family. I care for them very much.

The job itself is dare I say it actually quite good. The people are lovely and I have found myself wanting to be involved and even reading and researching technical stuff over weekends. I think I’m going to stay there (if they still want me) until September next year at most. I slowly want to work more from Bristol than I do Didcot. I have been learning quite a bit there which for me is really important, not just technical things but stuff about myself. I am able to be myself there, I’m not afraid to be the slightly eccentric but calm and sometimes flamboyant person that now resides in me. Believe it or not, I am still getting used to that side of me too and think that sometimes it can be overpowering. The company have also supported me in the motorbike journey and I really appreciate it.

Bristol is being good for me, I feel very comfortable there most of the time. The people I live with are very different to me but neither of them cause me a great deal of grief. Just last week I paraded around the house in a dress, fishnet tights and fascinator hat. Things were definitely said but none of them made me feel judged or persecuted. Maybe I add some different form of weird into their life and they should be thanking me. I do have to sometimes check myself around them. Both of them are avid consumers of alcohol, cannabis and no doubt other drugs but I am more than capable of saying no when I want to. I am slowly making friends in Bristol too. The GeekOutSW website holds a meetup once a month that I attend. I’m also trying to attend an improv night once a month, plus there is a good queer scene that I am attempting to embrace, it’s funny how life can change with your environment. I bought a new bicycle too which I am really enjoying. It helps me get around Bristol and adds to my fitness.

Finally, we need to mention the motorbike. I can’t quite believe that it has been two years since I passed my CBT. I left the next step way too late and had to do a CBT again but then went straight on to the training for my full license. It took a few days of training, a good pass on my Mod 1 test and a shaky pass on my Mod 2 but I passed and that’s the most important thing. This week I have been trying to figure out what bike I want to ride. There are a few on my list that I am sure that a lot of people might call boring but I am trying not to let peer pressure get to me. The motorbiking world is full of men who are really afraid as to what other bikers might day to them about their clothing/bike or otherwise. I am trying not to join them in their fear. I mean I already am at a disadvantage being not straight but that alone should actually spur me on a bit.

So that is me all up to date. I hope you are all well and healthy, until next time.

– Chris

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