Leaving Japan.. for now

I’m actually supposed to be back in London about now but I have been enjoying this adventure way too much to return just yet, plus I also wanted to try and be away for a whole year. There was always a though in my brain that I wanted to be away for Christmas and new year even if that meant heading home and then back out. The minor problem is that I cannot stay in Japan for all this time on the tourist visa that I am on, that is unless I leave the country and come back therefore re-starting the visa.

Spoiler alert, this is exactly what I am about to do. So where next? Well I have been planning this entire trip for some time but the next month is a mystery even to me. From Hakata (Fukuoka Prefecture) in Japan I catch a 3 hour Catamaran over to….. South Korea. I was hoping to do some WWOOFing over there but none of the farms I have contacted have responded so I am going to spend a month touring. I arrive in Busan at the southern tip of Korea but might head over to Jeju island before I begin to travel up towards Seoul. It’s in Seoul, around December 10th I will fly back to Japan on a cheap airline and then stay here for Christmas and new year. Yep unless something crazy happens I won’t be back in the UK until late Jan. What I am doing for that final month I am going to not write about until closer to the time but I will say that I am quite excited about it. I know that I will be spending the final few days of this crazy journey in Tokyo and I’m have no idea how I will deal with that city but we shall see.

Before I do that let me tell you a little story. I have been in this nice hostel in Hakata called Takataniya. It’s a small and rather intimate place with a really nice owner, in fact he put a picture of me up on their Facebook page which I have stolen to put here.

Me outside the Hostel

Yeah some things don’t change I am still a little bonkers. So last night I went out with one of the other people in the hostel, funnily enough a Korean guy who is just on a break for a few days in Japan. Hakata and Fukuoka have some pretty sought after food down here and one of them is called motsunabe (もつ鍋). Now if you are at all squeamish about food maybe it’s better you do not click the wiki link, okay yes to some the concept may sound utterly discussing but trust me when I say it is delicious. I mean just take a look, does this not look yummy?


So after this feast of a meal me and the Korean guy who called himself Geoff because his real name might of been too hard for me to pronounce went for an after meal drink in a local bar. I explain to the lady in my basic Japanese that we did not come to eat and just for a drink. I apologise because I cannot speak much Japanese and ask her to suggest a Shochu to drink. She turns to Geoff and speaks fully in Japanese at him, the funny thing is that Geoff does not speak any Japanese, in fact I speak more than he does. She must of been thinking “What’s this Japanese guy doing letting the Gaijin do all the talking?” Both of us find this highly amusing, the lady apologises profusely and gets the drinks we ordered, I must say it’s a slightly bizarre but fun experience.

2 thoughts on “Leaving Japan.. for now

  1. I must tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog (read every post). I am planning a similar trip for some future date, and wanted to get an inside look at what it would be like. You did a fabulous job! I feel like I know what to expect much more, and am very thankful. I look forward to putting this plan into action. Hope you return to Japan for more fun times!

  2. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the comment. Glad you have been enjoying the blog, feel free to share it around and drop me any feedback. If there is anything you might want to know then drop me a comment it might prompt me to write a complete article on it.

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