London To Paris retrospective roundup

So as promised I have resurrected the posts that I made back in July 2012. It was an emotional and tiring four days, there are times I think back and think, did I really do this? During the ride there were times when I was very emotional as memories of my father sometimes ran through my head, I wondered what he might say and what he might feel about what I was doing, sometimes I wondered what it might of been like to be on the trip with him. He wasn’t a cyclist and I am not sure how he would feel about going so far but something in me would of loved to share the experience with him in person. I guess in a way I did. He was constantly in my thoughts and of course I got to talk about him with others so my brain was thinking about him a lot.

So you can if you like go and re-read or read for the first time my four days of cycling. I’ll let you into a little secret by saying that it will not be my final bike challenge. I have something planning in my mind but I am just not sure how it is going to work logistically. Will do some research and send a few e-mails when I get back to the UK.

Total Distance: 478.76 km

I am still glad I got to spend time with these other strangers and you never know I may see them again on another crazy journey. I don’t need to but I want to thank Macmillan for putting on this event, organising the whole thing and making me feel welcome, included and part of something incredible. If you want to take on this sort of challenge either for yourself or like me to a lost loved one then I wholly encourage you to do so and go and have a look at the Team Macmillan page, I am so glad I did and I would happily do it again.

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