Night boat to Krabi!

Okay own up after reading the title who is now singing Night Boat to Cairo by Madness in their head? This is the second night boat I have got it’s a stance but actually quite comfortable affair. You get given a ticket and then ushered into an old fishing boat that has has two of the floors changed to house about 48 beds, bunk beds of course. The boat that I am on is bound for the transport hub town of Surat Thani, the trip to Krabi is costing me a mere 700 THB which feels like rally good value for money.

Night Boat Beds

I hope that Krabi has a different feel to Koh Tao but I have the feeling that most of southern Thailand has been changed to fit a more western palette as they get a whole heap of visitors from our side of the pond. I’m not saying Koh Tao is horrible, it has some wonderful scenery and is easy to get around once you rent a bike (really should of taken my CBT before I started travelling) but what I didn’t like about it is that it does not really feel lie the Thailand I imagined, restaurants offer Burrito’s, Pizza’s and the god awful English Breakfast, I’ll be happy if I never see those two words again in another country but sadly it is everywhere.

Koh Tao has some beautiful spots for snorkelling and scuba diving and to make things better it’s cheaper here than Australia, I never took the opportunity on because I have been snorkelling and although it is amazing I don’t have much desire to do it over and over again. The hostel I stayed in at Koh Tao felt a bit of a strange affair too, it was very basic which is fine, the showers a bit dodgy but the rooms comfortable enough for 250THB a night. What was a little weird is that the people who were taking over the running (two irish guys) did not really give the impression they knew what they were doing. On top of that I think they were more interest in trying to get young travelling girls drunk and into bed than actually running a hostel, why does this happen?

Still it’s their life and that’s what they want to do, I know I could never run a hostel here in Thailand, just the weather for me would be unbearable, I am just about coping now let alone when it’s really hot and dry. Onwards and downwards, need to investigate how to get back to Bangkok at some point, it might be better to fly in this case, I need to be back in the beginning of June so I can go to the Cambodian and Vietnamese embassy so that I can get visas sorted. I can get them on the border but to avoid confusion I think it would be better to get them in Thailand.

Small update on the book, it’s progressing very slowly, I am finding it hard to put serious time into I want to progress the story to a certain piece but don’t want to feel that this has been rushed, I think the story is going to be a short story not a whole novel but it is what it is and I cannot stretch out an sea that will not be stretched. I have also given the book a Creative Commons licence which means other people can distribute it if they wish but not change it,, still have had no feedback on what’s there at the moment so if you get a chance have a read through and drop me a comment in the document.

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