So the last 2 days in Napoli I have walked probably close to 50km, this is probably not that much for your active walker but I think it’s a bit of an achievement. In day 1 it was simply a case of absent minded meandering around Naples that eventually saw me climb the big hill to the castle and wander around it for free (probably because it was a Sunday). I never actually knew Naples had a castle and it actually has two! I have seen so much more of this city than I had the first time and it still warrants another visit at some point. It’s not as crazy as Rome but certainly is quite active. In a way it feels a little bit like Bristol, lots happening and in direct competition with the capital with a slight undertone of its not quite safe but this probably depends on your attitude.

My second day was what some people might say was more prone to error. I say that it is all part of the rich experience that is life. My goal was to travel into Pompeii and see what I can of Vesuvius. I went into this really unprepared deciding not to take a guide or a tour and despite what happened I’m glad that I did. I bought a ticket to a small town called Ercolano but I somehow feel I missed the stop. I then had to suffer some very bad singing from a 10 (a guess) year old girl accompanying her father (another guess) who had a drum and her mother (yet another guess) who carried a speaker playing music I would of paid her to stop if I could make myself understood. Having no idea how far Pompeii was from the stop that I missed I got off at the stop I thought was the right one. I saw some ruins from a place called Otoni or something like that and thought, well it can’t be far to the main site, I’ll walk and so I began to follow signs to Pompeii. This 5-8km (approx) walk following the signs should of told me I should get back on the train but my brain can be a stubborn and difficult bastard at times and so I trudged on and got to a small B&B where I asked the receptionist how far I was and she was very helpful.

Okay I may of walked about 8km more than I should but I did probably see a bit of Italy not many other tourists see. You see there is always a positive spin to put on things. Eventually I got to see the ruins of Pompeii and a very powerful installation that a lot of other humans stood and took pictures of and I sat to try and take in what it was trying to show me. I think that sometimes we as humans are so quick to try and record the moment we actually miss what is trying to be conveyed to us. I sometimes feel like one of very few people in the world who is mindful about a lot of the things I get involved in.

I got to see Pompeii and I think I spent as much time as I can there, next time I will definitely get off at Ercolano and provably even go up Vesuvius. So yes, today has been super powerful I sort of feel the same as when I felt left the school in Cambodia (Tuol sleng). Anyone that does not take this away with them in my opinion had missed the point entirely. For me it reminds me that should she want to (beware pagan speak ahead) mother nature can unleash great power and kill families, communities and all sorts. Maybe she has no reason to do this, maybe she is just angry, maybe she is not a she after all? None of this matters.. We live in a planet that in itself lives and breathes and can potentially react to what happens to it and it has the power to kill us all. If that does not make you humble and mindful then I don’t know what will.

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