Pride in the hills

I’ve had a really interesting few days. The mosquito’s have organised themselves and managed to form a message in braille which I think reads “Your blood is ours” but I may of mis-translated that, it could read “Welcome to Pai”. In the tourist books Pai is touted as a bit of a hippy commune and although I don’t agree with all of the new age stuff that comes with that I will say it’s one of the few places in Thailand I have felt semi comfortable. I’m sure a lot of tourists visit to find their ‘inner hippy’ which can attract people that just want to indulge in drugs and get a different type of wasted and yes you can do that here but that’s not for me. There is something about the breeze that comes across the hills that makes the heat semi bearable. I have met some nice people up here and if someone was willing to allow me to remote work I would do so from this very location because it’s beautiful and peaceful.

Panorama of Pai mountains

I have spoke to a few locals, eaten lots of good local food, drunk some really nice coffee and chilled out staring into the mountains. All of this has bought upon a little moment. It’s one of those moments I really don’t know what to do with but I didn’t shut it out. Whenever this happens I try to acknowledge these thoughts, if they make me feel joy or pain then sit with it and try to let my heart and mind soak up whatever is there. I wrote back in March about beginning to feel proud of myself for what I have done and yesterday it came again. At the time again I really wanted to share this feeling with someone. It was at this point I wanted to have someone with me and experience the beauty with me but since that didn’t happen I’m going to share it with all of you now.

It was brought on by a few things. I had one of those great conversations I had with a like minded traveller which I always appreciate. I also got past a fear and took a scooter out in Thailand. To most people that is not a very significant thing to do but for me it was. I zipped around on this thing for a few hours taking in the beauty of the hills in the north. I could imagine someone with me, a person who was very supportive and together we experienced this feeling and gave it and me a big hug. I floated for the rest of the day and today on this cloud of energy that had been created from just doing this very small thing.

I think it was helped by the fairly epic scenery up here, but this proves that I need to pay more attention to the things I am doing and take stock. I have in the past looked to other people to say ‘Well done’ and actually mean it but I need to say it more to myself.

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