Reasons why I am disliking LA

Okay I might be in the wrong bit of LA but currently the whole city just feel soulless and superficial. Like everybody is here just to try and make themselves a star in Hollywood or TV or anything else, it’s really not my scene. I have noticed one thing, 90% of all the plastic models in the windows of the shops for ladies clothing have what I would call above average sized breasts. I am sure that this does nothing for women’s ego in the US and actually in my eyes makes breast augmentation a “normal” thing. I still don’t think this is normal and can only see a point in it for two reasons. To reduce what is there already to make it more comfortable for the woman (less damaging perhaps) and replacement for anyone unfortunate enough to have to go through a mastectomy. The other reasons are purely cosmetic and I am sure entirely unnecessary and just the fact that I have seen these plastic models makes me dislike this place already, it just feels fake.

I have seen a lot of “characters”, people dressed (badly) as super heroes posing for photo’s for the tourists and then asking them for a “donation” (not sure how much). I am sure people are making an honest living doing this and I will not take that away from them but I question what the tourists get out of it. If they got their picture taken with them out of costume would they still pay for it. Is the fact that they are in costume enough to warrant a charge for a photo, again all this feels like humans trying to take advantage of other humans and you already know this is not how I work.

I had a feeling I was going to feel like this about LA and I have not even seen all of it yet. I will say it is a HUGE city, it’s got a pretty good bus network but because of traffic it can take some time to get to where you want to go. The underground metro is not too bad but again it takes some time to get to the places you want to go. It’s the first real city I have found in the US that I just don’t really like, I even found New York better than this. It’s not missing character, it’s missing soul because it sold it’s soul to Hollywood a long time ago. On top of this I am quite frankly shocked by the number of Scientology churches there are here. The cult is not a cult here but a mainstream religion which again makes me very scared for the human race. The people who live here are no doubt used to it and maybe have become complacent. I think because of all this loudness I have become reclusive again here. Not really met anyone and probably won’t. It has been nice to catch up with someone I met in San Francisco though here, good to see a friendly face. Four more days here, let’s see if I can have my mind changed about LA. I doubt it and I am trying to be open minded about it.

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