San Francisco

Having been here for 7 days now I can see the appeal of this city. It haas a certain charm to it, I have been staying in the hostel which is pretty much sandwiched between Chinatown and the Financial District. It’s a pretty awesome location all in all, easy to get to and from and very well connected.

Life over the last few days have been interesting as I have tried to explore more and do the whole interact with strangers thing. For instance, last night I went to see an art exhibition in a comic book shop, it was based upon some of the artwork for Batman comics where him and Robin have a sexual tension, homoerotic if you like. Yes that is as odd as it sounds but fantastic to see that people have researched this and come out with evidence that Batman and Robin could be a gay couple. There was some performance poetry and some comics created by local artists, some of these were read/performed for us by the artists. The artwork in general was cool, and Batman and Robin turned up, well I say Batman and Robin they wore nothing but their relevant masks and rubber fetish styled underwear a truly eye opening situation, wish I had taken my camera. You can read more on this event at this link. Be aware it contains sexual content. Yes you really will see everything in San Francisco and you have to just accept that, it’s a wonderful thing.

I have walked up so many hills, you can avoid them in SF but you have to go seriously out of your way to do so and I could easily do another day or two here for sure but it’s time to move on. I must say if you are visiting SF for anything more than 4 days you really must invest in a City Pass with it you get free transport on the Busses (although nobody has ever checked me) as well as entry to some great museums and of course Alcatraz that I found really interesting. San Francisco in general is a really nice place, easy access to green space and lots to see/do. I can feel that as a city it has changed a lot over the last 5 years or so, the Mission district which looks really shady is full of people enjoying themselves in the various bars and great places to eat. On that a big thanks to Adam Richman who put Cumbre La Taqueria on my radar, a truly religious Burrito experience.

Today is my last day and I really can’t leave SF without going over the Golden Gate so that is on my list for today. I have another story to tell you all but that will have to wait for another time. If you want to see the sort of things I have been up to during the day then go have a look at Flickr.

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