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This is going to be one of those posts that contains something called an opinion, I hope you treat it as such. Do you find that some actors always perform the same in every role they do? There are some obvious examples out there, people who get cast for the role Jason Statham, Sly Stallone etc. You know what your going to get with those actors and your level of expectation may be therefor managed a bit better. Below are three actors that actually put me off seeing a film they are in because of the way they act.

Leonardo di Caprio

People rate him as an actor and even tell me his films are good but my opinion of him is not high at all. I’m not going to go through his entire catalogue but I will say that every film I remember of his I have disliked. It’s something to do with his screeching, shouting habit which was actually put to good use in the one film I like with him in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, but I think that film may be saved by Johnny Depp and Juliete Lewis.

Let’s take a film I (in general) liked Django Unchained. All was well and good with this film until Leonardo showed up and it got infinitely better the minute he was no longer in the story. I know he is playing a dislikable character but you can still appreciate a character like this but somehow Leonardo manages to frustrate and annoy me with his acting spoiling what I thought was a good film. On the opposite end of the scale you have The Beach, a film which not only spoiled a beautiful piece of Thailand with tourism but I personally thought was diabolically bad due to Leonardo and his screeching antics. People say I should see Inception but I really don’t want to waste a few hours of my life watching a film to only at the end of it regretting it because of him. He has recently finished The Wolf Of Wall Street and I think this version of the trailer picks out everything I hate about Leonardo’ acting.

I can never watch Titanic. The fact that Leonardo is in it, it’s a James Cameroon film (who has not done anything good for a long time) and on top of that I have no interest in seeing the film. I don’t care how many Oscars it won, in fact even without seeing the film I would want Leonardo’ character to hurry up and die. Don’t get me wrong her I am sure he is a nice guy and I have thing personal against him apart from he should give up the ‘acting’ career. Let’s put it this way, I would rather spend the 3 hours staring at the wall than watching Titanic.

Nicholas Cage

Everybody knows Mr Cage has a bad reputation but I will give him credit where credit is due, he plays Nicholas Cage very well. No thats not a typo, every film Mr Cage has ever done he always seems to play himself almost every performance is exactly the same as the last one. I will go out of my way and say I actually like a few of his films though, Raising Arizona is one of them. It’s classic Cage but the film and part suits him and although you can clearly see he is playing himself it’s such a convincing performance that it’s worthy of him.

Ghost Rider (1 & 2) were both terrible as films go but if you look very carefully you can see Nicolas Cage doing a good job again of playing himself. He did some kids films to add to his diversity The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was very kid friendly as well as the National Treasure series but once again you can see clearly that Mr Cage is playing the same part. He has had a lot of practice doing it and maybe that is why he is so good at doing it.

Keanu Reaves

Excelllent! I’m sorry but every time I see Keanu I am reminded of Bill & Ted which was a most excellent movie. I also liked him in the emotional and very homoerotic Point Break which if you have not seen it you really must just for the underlying sexuality thats in it. As a geek I should like The Matrix but it’s one of the worst films I have ever had the displeasure of watching. Many people will try to tell you that it was groundbreaking with it’s new bullet time technology and yes maybe it was but all I saw was a film I really did not like. I was not invested in it, it did not make me care.

Keanu’s problem is simple, he is wooden, as much as I try to give him a chance he constantly disappoints. If I were his school teacher his school report would read “Must try harder”. I tortured myself by watching the remake of 47 Ronin, again giving him a chance but what on earth made the director choose Keanu for the role I have no idea.

Anyway you got this rambling post because there is nothing much to report lifewise. The contract is going well, they have extended for another 2 months which is great. I am off on a small trip to Prague at the end of next week, I have heard a lot about the place (good and bad) but I plan to explore for a few days as I turn a year older. The old traditon of getting away for my birthday returns, if you consider that last year I was on a plane from Alice Spring to Cairns it feels like a world away but my love for travel and putting myself in that slightly awkward experience manages to put a big smile on my face. Life is good.

– Chris

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