Suggestions for Hostels

So I have been hosteling a fair while now. Over the years I have tried to make not much of a nuisance of myself, I don’t make too much noise and I try to keep things clean. There are a few bits of advice I can give all hostels that mostly involve the kitchen area. There are a few basics that most people need in the kitchen and most hostels provide things like pots, pans, things to stir with and cutlery. But as a regular hostel goer I have some suggestions for hostels to check that they should have available to guests.

Can Opener

In two of the hostels I have been in on this trip alone the can opener is broken, this is simply fixed and can cost as little as £1 so really will it harm finances to buy a few in?


I understand that you probably cannot keep sharp knives in the kitchen, people can cut themselves and on your property you are responsible. However, if they are using the kitchen there is already a risk of burns and more so maybe they know what they are doing? With some sort of waiver perhaps then a sharp knife can be kept with reception for chopping food. One of the knives I used in a recent hostel would not even cut through a pepper without some large amount of persuasion.


Now we all know things like olive oil and butter are expensive but it’s really not practical for a person backpacking to carry these with them so maybe for a small fee residents can use a community version? Also salt and pepper, buy these in bulk perhaps which will make it cheaper.

Ride shares

Use your notice board to advertise a ride share happening within the hostel. If somebody is getting a cab to the airport maybe the fees could be split. Maybe you are a hostel out of town and one of your residents can offer a ride into town to get supplies if needed.

Toilet Paper

There really is no point in buying crap toilet paper, you may think it saves money but I don’t actually think it does. There have been a few hostels that have been using single ply, cheap toilet paper, what happens here is you end up using twice as much, doubling the paper over to ensure you can not put your finger through it. I know I’m in a hostel and I don’t expect you to spend for the luxurious stuff but at least something.

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