Sydney’s best hostel… pah

So on recommendation from my good friend @floongle I booked my last night in Sydney in the WakeUp! Hostel this is apparently one of the best hostels in Sydney. I personally dislike big hostels so was not looking forward to going but I try to keep an open mind about these things. Upon walking in all was well, it uses a hotel look with hostel prices (although overpriced in my opinion). No freebies which means internet needs to be paid for but they do have a bar where you can get 2-4-1 drink and so on with some of the promotions they do. The building itself is about 100 years old and has 7 floors, on floor 1 is the kitchen which is although big I don’t think (like most hostels) has enough room to store food for travellers.

I was issued room 606 and was quite shocked to see that the room itself was really messy. I think the room is full of girls (yeah girls are not always clean) and I got the feeling (from the mess) that most of them were long term stayers. I dropped my bag, had lunch then went to talk to reception about their room cleaning activities. Reception assured me that the rooms are cleaned daily which is surprising at the size of the mess in 606 so I told them specifically that the room I was put in looked like it had been through several wars. They explained that this is probably the worst room as it was being used by “Promo girls”, I think this means the girls who go out on the street and give you flyers to get into certain clubs or try to get you to go to places. I was also told that they can’t really do anything about it. I’m only staying one night so I can live with this situation for the few hours I will use the room however given the fact that I was not offered an alternative I needed to write something about this.

You see when people tell me that they can’t do something about messy long term stay backpackers I beg to differ, you can do something about it but you choose not to. I’ll give you a bit of an example of something you can do free of charge. What you could do is tell them to keep it clean or they have to leave, having a messy dorm room means the room does not get any quality attention from cleaners and also the people who live in the mess and don’t mind it will probably get worse. If they fail to comply after say 3 warnings what you do is kick them out, it’s really simple. I get the feeling that I may not be able to sleep because of these girls tonight. I have the feeling they will make a lot of noise. I have no problem asking them politely, then impolitely to stop, followed by a formal complaint if necessary and I hope it does not come to that.

I think it’s mostly because I was not offered an alternative and the fact that they use the phrase “Promo Girls” like it’s an acceptable excuse is rather stupid and Sydney’s best hostel needs to try a lot harder to convince me that it’s any good.

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