The first of many

This is an experiment. Subscribers will notice that they are not getting these updates in e-mail and I am doing that on purpose. That is apart from this one, which went out in error half complete and probably confused you all, sorry about that.

So what is this all about? Well it’s simple, every now and then you know I get these e-mails from recruiters that are utterly ridiculous. I often find myself wanting to yell at them and manage to not do so (mostly) and often reply with something shorter and less sarcastic. However I don’t want this inspiration to go to waste and so I have decided to put the mails here, anonymise them and highlight exactly what I feel is wrong with them as well as vocalise (or at least) write the reply that I wanted to write back but managed to contain myself.

So without further ado here is the mail that was sent to me. I have not edited it apart from to obscure the name or highlight the flaws. Run your mouse over the red highlighted text to see a pop up with my issue with that bit of text.

Welcome to my network Chris!

Please let me know if this is relevant to you for the better of our system!

Firstly I would like to introduce myself as a person, my name ##REMOVED FOR PRIVACY##, I am focused, goal orientated recruiter brought up around the digital, advertising arena. – Highly interested in ice hockey, having played in Canada and Germany and Motorsport because it’s great!

Now the main reason for my add is I am focused and keen to gain as much knowledge within the development market as possible and how to people learn? From other people.bad grammar

I would be keen to talk to you further about your current career, your market and other markets that may be of interest to you in the future.


Wow so exciting that you have your own network! I’m so glad that you told me about your love of hockey and motorsport, I am sure this will help us in finding my next contract. I too am really passionate about most of my hobbies. One of these is looking deep into the e-mail that people send me and amaze myself with the way that they write, yours is no exception. Right now I am impresssed people even let you near a keyboard let alone send out an actual e-mail.

Seriously you might want to spend less time watching Motorsport or playing Hockey I think it’s doing your brain harm. Either that or you didn’t bother to read through your “professional” mail before sending it, no that would be siully wouldn’t it, you would not dare to do that. You wanted to know “how to people learn”, while I am not 100% sure what you mean I personally learn from my mistakes and I advise you to do the same.

– Chris

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