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The more vigilant of you may of noticed the distinct lack of activity in this blog as of late, there is of course a very good reason for this. The reason is simple, life goes on and sometimes it does not warrant writing about. Life can have this routine that we follow and if your writing to an audience; even if that audience is small you need to have content. Sure I could throw some stuff in here and there or even make up a few things but that has never been what this blog has been about, I have been busy doing nothing really of note.

At times like this I tend to really try to think of something exciting to write about and often come up with nothing and so you find me here in a rambling state but I wanted to write something. I visited London a few weeks ago to wish my friend Kasia a happy birthday and bid a fond farewell (not goodbye) to Brooke. You may or may not remember that Brooke is a kiwi lady I met back in on my travels. She has been on her incredible journey and over the last few months working and living near London. However home and some state of normality is calling her back to New Zealand and by the time this goes out she will probably be home no doubt getting into some sort of mischief. Brooke sent me a photo, which is actually two photo’s combined.

Brook, Carly and myself

At the top this was us in the back of a rickshaw driven by a guy I think his name was DJ in Cambodia. I am the hairy one on the left of course, Carly (another Kiwi traveller) in the middle and Brooke with the crazy grin. Below nearly two years on the same people with a lot of miles behind them and no doubt many more to come and this time me with a crazy grin. It’s quite beautiful that I have these moments with people and I do love the way that certain people affect my life. I read back a little to my time in Cambodia and realise I never wrote about the actual meeting and I should. It was quite a special time involving fish eating my feet, beer and all sorts of crazy. You know no matter what happens to Brooke I am sure she will always cast her mind to various times on her travels and think fondly of them. She may not realise and yes I may not of told her what a difference she made to my life for just accepting me for who I am and showing me a friendly smile when I was in a very defensive mood. She is the kind of person I would like to have as a neighbour, someone I can chat to, drink beer with and share the odd bit of madness with. Maybe her return will warrant a trip for me to New Zealand, it’s been on my list since I decided I could not make it there in while I was in Australia. I should make that happen.

Bristol and I are getting on well together. I am trying to visit a new place in Bristol about once every 1-2 weeks. There is always something going on in this city, it feels a bit like London except much slower and less full of elitists. My contract is due to end here on 6th Oct, my plan so far is to take a few days out for some me time and exploration then if the company want me back hit the grindstone once more. Work is mostly okay, I am still finding the way the corporation works very odd but it’s their choice and I need to just concern myself with doing the best job I can.

Two things I do need to mention, the first being that a while ago I made a small other anonymous blog to note down my anxiety attacks. The last time I felt like I needed to write in that was that very stressful time I had before moving in here so thats something to be celebrated 4 months with no major anxiety attack. The second is that I have wanted to and from time to time written a bit about geeky things, you may be happy to know that I am looking to potentially do more of this but not here. I’m going to try to keep this focussing on life which may mean that at times like this it may go very quiet for extended periods of time. You can always check out my twitter feed to see if I am still alive of course but even that can go days without an update. Once I get my geeky posts up and running I will probably announce them here so you can subscribe to those too if you like.

Thanks for reading a very non-update update. I hope your all well and living a life that is full of love, wonder and joy.

– Chris

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