The Road to Brisbane

So if you read my plan to get down the East Coast then yo might have a vague idea what I have been up to over the last few days. However I did mention that the plan is semi flexible and I put in a fairly major un-expected but nice change. Leaving Cairns I overnighted on the bus to Townsville and jumped on a boat over to Magnetic Island. I read up in my book about the Island and was happy to spend at least two days there, there is not that much to see but I wanted to just loose myself for a few days. Magnetic Island is indeed beautiful. I was offered there to hug a Koala but it’s just not something I wanted to do. There is a nudist beach on Magnetic Island, and yes I went there but hold onto your hats there are no photo’s of me running round naked. That right there has made some people really happy and potentially a few disappointed. After a few days there I caught the bus over to Airlie Beach. I was not sure what to expect about this place but I had a free nights accommodation there so I thought then why not. The Lonely Planet guide has a write up on Airlie that quite frankly put me off the idea of going there at all but I arrived and made my mind up for myself. I checked into the hostel, went down the road to get something to eat and had an explore of the town. My instincts were right, it’s not that I hated Airlie Beach, I didn’t have time to find things to hate but it really just did not feel like a place I wanted to hang around in. It seemed to cater for and concentrate on the “Party” atmosphere, all of it feeling incredibly fake and built for tourism, no thanks. I booked myself on a bus heading out that night to a place called Agnes Water (1770).

Agnes Water by contrast is quiet, peaceful, has a beautiful beach and generally felt like more of a place I wanted to be. I stayed there at a place called Go Bananas, a nice hostel all in all with good facilities and a great location. I took in the local walks and decided to stay another night. Relaxing and beautiful as Agnes was I left and headed for another small place called Rainbow Beach now there is good and bad about Rainbow Beach. The bad is just my opinion, it seems a lot of people come here strictly to enable them to get to Fraser Island which is the place you “should” go but I’m not going to. You see Fraser Island I’m sure is beautiful but all the tours there cost $300 or so and all involve some sort of driving round a beach in a 4×4. I may be weird by saying that driving round an beautiful beach in a 4×4 does nothing for me and I’m pretty sure they aim the tour at people younger than me so I probably would just end up avoiding everyone. So with the two days that I stayed here both mornings I was woken up but another batch of tourists being shipped over in 4×4’s to the island, it seemed like a constant stream of people which just does not appeal to me at all, so I didn’t go. Rainbow Beach itself although small as a town has one of the nicest beaches I have been on in Australia and I could of stayed happily another day or so. If you can get out into the hills there is also plenty of bushwalking to be done.

Arrived in Brisbane today, all I have to say is god damn the south bank looks almost exactly like London’s south bank. In other news I think I have managed to destroy the $100 I bought in the US… Doh!

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