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One of the great things sometimes about travelling solo is that you can be totally flexible with your times and places. When I got to Ban Krut I really was not sure if I would stay as long as I had booked, it became very apparent that although most places did have menus that were in English I don’t think they get many westerners. However I actually decided to stay one more night.

In the local tourist office in town the helpful agent explained that there is a tour that I can take in a minivan for 2800 THB (around £58), this van can take up to 9 people and the cost does not change so his means with more it’s less. At the time I found out about this there was nobody else in the hostel, yes I had the whole place to myself. But the lady at the desk told me that she was expecting six people turning up the next day. My goal was to  talk to them to see if they wanted to do the tour, they did. This made the whole tour 400 THB each (around £9) which is a totally awesome price for a whole day. So I set off with 3 Thai people and 3 Germans, they all know each other and its cool that I could go along too.

Myanmar Border Market
I had no idea that Myanmar was formerly Burmah, there is a small Market selling all sorts of jewelry and craft. It’s all really intricate and looks handmade this is the kind of place I would of bought a present for someone if I could guarantee it coming home with me, I did think about buying one and posting it, same issue.

City Pillar of Prachuapkhiri Kahn
Well I didn’t actually see the Pillar, I actually walked up a hill instead to see an old ruined temple past a bunch of monkeys. No I am not being racist, there actually were a bunch of monkeys at the entrance to the stairs of the temple. At the top of the 396 steps you get a great view of the city and surrounding area, I took what I think is a nice photo that really sums up the view. I had to take a moment here to just take it all in, it was one of those moments when you see the scenery and it looks like something from a film or painting, but you know you are there and seeing it with your own eyes.

Beautiful Scenery

Ao Manao
This was not what I had expected but thats not a bad thing. I was expecting an old battlefield with graves and a very solemn feeling but thats not what it is. This is an old airforce base that was used by the Japanese during WWII I think now only serves as a historical venue with Tourist shops and such but its a beautiful place for an air base if such a thing is possible as it has a beautiful crescent shaped beach. On the base are a bunch (what is the collective term for monkeys?) of white eyed langur monkeys. They are quite tame and will come to you for food if you have one and very gently take it from you. Of course the odd more opportunist monkey will take you by surprise and try to steal the bag of food you have if you let them, maybe this is where human greed stems from?

One such Monkey decided to drop from the tree above me and land directly onto my hat which caught me by total surprise, it was not being aggressive it just wanted food. This is one of those experiences that you never forget being so close to nature but sadly did not get the opportunity to take a photo of. This photo however should sum up just how delightfully cute and ever so human these monkeys are.

Monkey vision

King Mongkut Science Park
When was the last time you paid £0.42 to get into an aquarium? I admit it’s not the biggest aquarium in the world but what can you expect? It was still a great little detour on our journey, they had quite a few black tip reef sharks which reminded me of seeing it’s white tipped counterpart when I was in Cairns. The science park also had dinosaur replicas in a part of the park, we didn’t stick around to see them.

Huan Yang waterfall national park
I’ve seen so many waterfalls and currently nothing beats the super impressive ones in the Blue Mountains in Katoomba, these in comparison were much less dramatic but still perfectly peaceful. There are three here that you can climb up to, I hate to say that it’s not worth climbing up to the third one, I didn’t hate it but it’s because I have seen more that are literally breath taking.

So that was my trip with random people in a random place, it feels good to know that I managed to do this with the others.

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