Web Radio experiment

I have always wanted to try out to be a Radio DJ. It’s not the fame and fortune behind it but more the though of interacting with an audience and sharing music with them. I currently listen to BBC 6 Music quite a lot because it has a really nice mix of music, I also regularly take in Annie Nightingale and Rob Da Bank on Radio 1 but find some of the other shows a little too commercial for my taste.

My Parents in their younger days

I was introduced to music mostly through my parents, neither of them musicians but my Dad (photo above with my mum) was a bit of a teddy boy in his day and I heard a lot of 1950’s & 60’s music. I was 5 in 1980 so I grew up through that big hair and shoulder pad era along with ew up in the 1980-90’s so by the year 2000 I had a large dosage of 1950 & 60’s music, lived through new wave, the goth movement, experienced rave and then to the potential disappointment of my parents I got involved with metal. These days my listening habits are pretty random and I still prefer a lot more of the alternative the stuff that is generally less popular, the more bizarre and obscure the better (in general). I still keep my ears open for something new and often find myself wandering into unknown music territory via YouTube, Deezer, Spotify and Soundcloud.

I’m not 100% sure how this is going to work and I expect the first few shows to be potentially awkward but you have to learn somehow and practice will be a good thing. I grabbed myself a MixCloud account a few days ago as they allow me to upload a show and include all the music I want without relevant lawyers breathing down my neck. Everything that I put up on there will also be embedded in a post on this very blog together with track listings, links to the music, stories and other such interesting bits.

It will be encouraging you to get involved and send me suggestions of potential tracks and I will of course be encouraged to give you my unfiltered opinion of it. So expect random content accompanied by random music some you might like some you won’t, all feedback will be welcome, just keep watching this space for the first episode.

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