What about the women?

I get frustrated at times with the human race and more precisely at ‘men’ in general. I have often spoke of how I as a man do not treat every woman I see as a sexual object. Even as a bi-sexual man I don’t treat every man as a sexual object which in itself probably puts me in the category of ‘not normal’.

I have told a lot of people about my travels, especially my travel in Japan which is by far probably the most amazing experience I have ever had and when questioning me other men eventually ask me one question ‘What about the women?”. I know full well what they mean and what they want to hear but sadly I cannot fulfil this for them, they really are asking the wrong person. I don’t and never have seen people as sexual objects first, yes I do get physically and mentally attracted to both sexes and that usually takes time. I know what they want me to tell them when they ask me this question. They want me to tell them that my whole trip was wall to wall a sea of unadulterated pleasure with Japanese women falling at my feet because I am not one of them. I am afraid to say that this is a fantasy world that people live in and men in general want every country to be more sexual than the one they currently live in because for some reason they feel they need that. I wonder if the same applies to women? Do women go to other countries with a direct requirement to seduce men because they might be better than the ones in their home country? Do women say to other women “What about the men?” in the same knowing way? I’d honestly like to know.

Maybe I’m just to uptight about the whole thing and should chill out because people do go on holiday and have sex with strangers and yes some people may go on holiday specifically to do exactly that. I’m actually okay with that as a concept, it’s not the fact that people do this that annoys me, what other people do is really up to them. I think I have an odd expectation that men won’t ask me this question because I feel different. How are they supposed to know that I don’t adhere to this method of thinking and yet I do get quite disappointed about all of this which in itself is rather silly. I would like to see this “norm” change though and maybe over the years it is? In the meantime I need to just expect people to ask me this question and learn to find a way to deal with the disappointment.

If you have any thoughts on the above feel free to contribute.

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