What next?

It’s now only about 24 days until my flight back to the UK happens, I knew it had to come sooner or later and I feel ready to return for a period of time, how long that is I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that while I have been away I have been seriously considering what I should do when I get back. I feel now more than ever passionate about doing something good with the talents I have. If I can’t do that I will try to find a job or place to give me the talents I need. I have had a fair amount of contact with recruiters while I am away, I am generally happy to hear more about an opportunity they have but they should expect me to decline most of them. Recruiters as you may or may not know are persistent people and I am learning that the direct approach with them is much more fruitful and less time consuming.

I have one major issue with where I am in my career right now, I have been out of the development loop for the last year and technology has moved on and I have pretty much ignored it. You will find that developers in general get excited about trying some new language that is still being developed but being raved about. I stand out from the crowd in this mindset so to speak, in my last few positions I have had very little chance to experiment with new technologies and to be perfectly honest they have not really excited me. The biggest issue of my return to “normal” life is that I have had a lot of time to think about my working life, how it was and how I want it to be and the two things are quite different.

If we lived in a perfect world I would not want to sell stuff that I don’t think is essential to life. I also don’t really want to involve myself in social media sites, I have a GooglePlus account I don’t use (who does?), I don’t own a Facebook account (and probably never will) and even my Twitter feed is mostly just a space I can vent. I don’t want to spend a lot of my time analysing data to get a few extra hits on Google, in fact part of me is screaming to get out of development all together and maybe this is an end goal I still don’t really know. Over the past six years or so I have become a bit of a minimalist and not a consumer. So I continue to be disillusioned with the internet as a whole, I feel that some of it has really taken away from humanity and very rarely it gives back and I would like to be part of the latter. I probably would like to join a charity and would not mind being paid less because of it, especially if it’s a cause I am passionate about. Ideally I would like to have space to learn new stuff (and this does not have to be tech stuff), I would like to be able to express myself creatively and if I can’t do so in a job then I need to do so in my personal life.

I know by being so honest here in public means that a potential employer can read this whole blog and see more of me then they may need to. I know I will take any contract work available but for a permanent position I will take a bit of time to acquire. I also realise that what I have on this blog could scare some employers, make them not want to employ me and to those people I say so be it. I have taken a big risk by being honest with the world (or the few people who read this) which may or may not cause problems for me further down the line. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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