When it rains it pours

I don’t quite know where to start with this. I am really rather angry and trying not to be because it will not help or change what has happened. If your ever travelling back into Bangkok by road allow yourself at least an extra four hours. I left Kanchanaburi in plenty of time today, and got into the outskirts of Bangkok by 16:00, I had at least three hours to get to Don Mueang airport, the bus I was on was due to drop me at a BTS station so I waited until they chucked me off the bus. As I have already mentioned that Bangkok in particular has major traffic problems and we spent the next two hours or so in that gridlock, I was panicking but there was nothing I could do.

I got to BTS Victory Monument with about an hour and a half to spare, it had taken us 3 hours to get to Bangkok, and then a further 3 hours just in traffic I was screwed but I did not give up. I got in the BTS, headed out to Mon Chit and then jumped on Bus no 2, a ‘express’ shuttle bus to the airport. I had a fairly good idea that I was not going to make it and it was going to cost me a lot of money doing so but what can I do about it? I could of left earlier but I had left at east 7 hours between Kanchanaburi and the airport, it should of been possible. I arrive at the airport, holding my ticket in my hand and was presented with the bad news I was expecting. Not only was my flight now closed but I now have to book a new ticket and pay the difference. Within thirty minutes I had arranged a new flight paying about £200 on top (what choice do I have?) I could wait a week and hang around in Thailand a bit more but I will spend that in food, accommodation and suchlike. They book me the flight for Sat which means I have to hang around for 2 days and advise me to stay close to the airport. It was by now 9pm, I had been travelling since 1pm and was tired, wanted a beer and did not fancy jumping on a train back to the city to only have to do the whole thing all over again in 2 days time. The hotel near the airport (walking distance) didn’t have any rooms free and I tossed up the possibility of heading back into the city which would of meant a train to the main train station, tuk tuk up towards Khao San Road for emergency accommodation and then have to get back to the airport in 2 days time at ridiculous o’clock. There was an alternative however, a nearby hotel with transfer car for 1000 Baht a night. “Jesus” I thought and considered again the long trip out and back, thinking I could do it, but all in all do I want to. 2000 Baht is about £40, for two nights that does not sound so bad right? When you budget has just been royally screwed by Bangkok traffic £40 sounds like a bit of a bargain so I went for it.

You find me now in a HUGE room all to myself which I will be attempting not to leave to not spend money for the next 30 hours or so with 1000 Baht in my pocket determined not to go to an ATM to get any more out. What makes it slightly more ridiculous is that they tried to charge me 400 Baht for food when there are street vendors nearby that I could eat very well at for under 100 Baht, at least I can have a bath, oh wait no I can’t there is no plug, to top it off their Internet is not free, seriously.. what the fuck? I refuse to pay for internet no matter what happens, I am sure I can find a café down the road that has free Wi-fi and if your reading this before the 24th August 2013 then you can be assured I have found exactly that and backdated this post. If things could not get any worse I checked into my insurance to see if the expense of this room and the extra cash is covered…. it’s not. When things go wrong for me they go REALLY wrong, I’m angry but what use will that do? Life goes on and it’s only money, you cannot take it with you. I just need to get one thing off my chest.


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