Writing something new

Over the years I have written many things and never got round to publishing anything but it is my intention to do so one day. Over four years ago I started to write a book that of late I have realised I will never finish. You see when I start red this trip I fully intended to run through the story one more time and try and start to fill in the large gaps that I had. Trouble is that I have not really touched this bit of writing for a few years and I have no idea what I had in mind at the time of conception. One other major problem I think is that I have skipped about in the pieces I have written which for me as the writer makes it hard to hold the whole story in my head. Finally with this story in particular I have a really nasty habit of picking up bits of it and re-writing them, I think I have re-written a certain piece 4+ times, I can’t seem to leave it alone. I have sadly come to the conclusion that this book for now is lost and I can’t really do anything with it. I still have not actually thrown it away because I believe it has some good writing in it which I might be able to benefit from in the future but as a ‘book’ it’s dead.

I have written fantasy stories for as long as I can remember. Back in primary school I probably started and my Mum may even have some of my very early creations as I certainly don’t any more. I got caught up in the descriptive writing process and really enjoy setting scenarios in my head and creating them on paper. In fact i have really enjoyed trying to re-create some of the things I have seen and felt in this very blog, I find it a terribly therapeutic process.The one thing I don’t really like writing is speech, and this is maybe because I never know which style to adopt. I was taught how to write speech a very long time ago and probably have forgotten bits and pieces of it. I have often wanted to put myself on a bit of a writing refresher course just to see where I might be going wrong, the semi-colon was something I never totally understood where to use it and I know that my punctuation in general needs work.

So over the last few months of writing this blog and clearing my head a bit from the world I normally reside in I decided to take on yet another writing project (yeah like I need one) and I started to write a new book/short story/don’t really know what it will be. I currently don’t really know what to do with this, I have shown the beginning to one person who gave me some good feedback so I have decided to run a little experiment. To you (my readers) I am going to let you read what I have so far and invite you to comment on it. I have put the document up on Google Drive and I am handing it over to you. All you need to do is click this link. You need to understand a few things about this document.

  • It’s not finished
  • I will not be editing it until I feel I am close to finishing
  • I will be reading all of your comments but may not be able to reply to them
  • I encourage you to be constructive, tell me what works, what doesn’t etc etc

Thats about it. I write this when I can and I will release more again when I feel it’s ready so be patient for the next instalment which will come one chapter at a time. I hope you enjoy what you read.